Photo editing or not.

Photo editing or not.

I just want to get something off my chest. I follow a lot of Facebook pages such as best picture, Nikon or Canon page.
Also, I follow a Dutch page fotobewerking hulp (photo editing help).

Today there was a topic about a picture from a photographer. She had a question about how to get rid of a bump on the head of the baby in a picture she had taken.
The reactions were all over the place. One or two people did help her out to gave some solutions and how to do those in Photoshop cs6. But the mainstream of the reactions were only opinions. Most of them came down to one of these three:

● the bump is on the picture so leave it there
● a real photographer doesn’t use editing
● a professional photographer knows how to edit

well, let me target these issues one by one.

the bump is on the picture so leave it

When the client asks the photographer to do something because they like it that way.
You do that, even when it’s not your cup of tea. In Holland, we have a phrase “de klant is koning” (the customer is the king). It comes down something like the client is always right.

a real photographer doesn’t use editing

Whether you use editing or not, editing your pictures doesn’t mean you are a bad photographer. Even when you use software to remove a spec of dust you are already editing. There’s no accounting for taste. When you move people with your images you are a photographer.
Let me put it this way. I prefer a Rembrandt over Picasso because I can relate to Rembrandt because that it is recognizable for me. It doesn’t say Picasso isn’t a painter.
He has a different view on the world we all live on. And like photography, it al comes down to composition and perspective. So how does this come back to editing? If you think your pictures need some or a lot of editing to satisfy your perspective, you do that. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. everybody needs to do what works for them. Even when not everybody likes it.

a professional photographer knows how to edit

This one irritates me the most. Why does a photographer need to know how to edit pictures in software. Don’t get me wrong, it comes in handy if you know the basics of some editing.
Just realize this, that the greatest photographers… sorry, let me rephrase that, realize that the highest paid photographers, hire expensive bureaus or people to do their entire collection editing for them, so they can do what they do best. Taking pictures!

So there it is, photography is how you as a photographer see things, with OR without editing.
Keep the “focus” on that.