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Keep Up The Good Works

I hear you think “donate!! Why should I support him?”

Well, let me explain, of course, I do paid photo shoots. But the most of my shoots are for charity.
For example, people who can’t afford a photographer to their wedding but still would like
to have great quality pictures. Also, I do a lot of shoots for non-profit organizations.

The downside of charity is, that it doesn’t allow me to update my photography equipment.
The gear I use is heavily outdated. It doesn’t mean that my pictures aren’t good, but the quality and sharpness of the pictures leaves much to be desired.

However, saving for new gear by being a photographer for charity is tough.
The paid photo shoots I do are to pay my regular bills and sometimes to save for new gear.
The little money I save takes a lot of time, so therefore the “keep up the good work” page
to speed things up. That way I can continue my work without skipping on quality and
to make sure I stay up to date with the necessary equipment.



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